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Pod Design

Highly focused needs based corporate programmes

Highly focused needs based public sector programmes

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Care Fertility

Pod was first engaged by Care Fertility, the UK’s largest independent and NHS funded provider of fertility care…

Contract Examples and Feedback

GP Staff Training

Pod has been partnering with Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland GP staff training since 2012 designing…

Contract Examples and Feedback

Leicester Fire and Rescue Service

Pod have partnered with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service since 2007, first engaged to design…

Contract Examples and Feedback

Leicestershire Partnership Trust

Pod has been partnering with Leicestershire Partnership Trust and its predecessors Leicester City NHS Trust…

Contract Examples and Feedback

Nottingham University Hospitals

Pod first began partnering with Nottingham University Hospitals in 2011 when requested to design and deliver…
Contract Examples and Feedback

Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer is a leading global life sciences organisation dedicated to the advancement of life and analytical…
Contract Examples and Feedback


Triumph is a UK based global producer of motorbikes. Pod has partnered with Triumph since 2014 designing…
Contract Examples and Feedback


U-POL is a UK based global producer of coatings and fillers for the automotive and other industries…
Contract Examples and Feedback